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On the Fight for Net Neutrality

Fighting for Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is a topic I have covered a lot in other spaces. From talking about The End of Net Neutrality, to covering Why the Internet is Broken, to writing about The Case For A Faster, More Powerful and Affordable American Internet, Net Neutrality is a topic I care deeply about.

For those of you who don’t know what Net Neutrality means, it is the simple concept that consumers can access large scale services (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix) and smaller websites (like this one) at the same speed without cost. Net Neutrality is the leveling force behind the Internet. Without it Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) could specify which websites and content providers consumers could reach at a higher speed for a higher cost and which websites/content providers consumers could reach at a lower speed for lower costs. If you are saying to yourself the fight for Net Neutrality sounds like ISP’s imposing Internet tolls on companies and consumers, you are dead on. The fight for Net Neutrality is the fight to keep the Internet a level playing field sans tolls, taxes or pay to play charges.

The fight for Net Neutrality goes deeper than being able to stream your favorite Netflix content at the same speed and access than your Spotify content. The fight centers on the foundations of the Internet vs. capitalism.

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