Copywriting Examples

Every copywriter has to have them: Copywriting examples. Your copywriting samples, just like mine, are the book of copywriting jobs, gigs, writings and content that you have either produced while working for a steady paycheck or crafted on a freelance copywriting marketplace.

Regardless of the type of content you have produced, a good copywriting portfolio shows range in style, creativity and voice. Without those three elements all working in unison, no agency or mom and pop shop are going to hire you for your copywriting services. The other element needed in your booklet is copyediting.

Your booklet of creative copywriting examples is also a book of proofreading examples. As every great copywriter knows, great copy is a product of both creative inspiration, excellent subject knowledge and stellar copyediting. Due to this, your copywriting portfolio examples needs to be a 50/50 mix of creativity and copyediting. It goes without saying but even the most famous copywriters can be made a fool of by utilizing bad punctuation and misspelled words.

With this in mind, follow me down the proverbial rabbit hole and take a look at some of my work. Like any good copywriter, my portfolio of copywriting samples will always be in a constant state of growth. From information copywriting examples, to examples of copy featuring product rewrites, to trademark examples of copy which just pisses me off, take a look. I hope you like what you find.

And if you ever want to hire me for any copywriting jobs, feel free to contact me via the about page.


All Copy Should Aim to be Google

St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub

Burger King Texas BBQ Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich

Clif Bar: Product Copy

Rewriting Slogans for the Real World

Faster! Must go Faster!

iPad Mini

Hurricane Sandy


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