How Not to Write SEO Content

SEO Content Keyword Heavy Content

Keyword Stuffing is a terrible way to write content

See the thing is there is a ton of content floating around social media and the Internet which is, well, crap. There is a ton of content floating around the inter webs which is nothing more than filtered robotic jargon backed up by over extensive keyword research and 3rd party spinning software. Now the thing is, I understand where this urge comes from. You want traffic. You want eyeballs. You want internal page ranking and the largest portion of people to see your content in the hopes of conversions, trust and ad dollars. This is something we all want however it has to be said, if you are writing content solely crafted for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Duck Duck Go, you are missing the mark and forgetting who we really write content for – humans. In this spirit, I am going to take some time to run through why we write content and why it shouldn’t be written for search engines alone.

Terrible Content Example

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO will destroy your search engine optimization strategies

When considering SEO tutorials, you should understand SEO basic’s before embarking in defining SEO definitions and distributing SEO tips. Now although there are a ton of SEO tools and conquerable SEO techniques on the market which can provide you with a solid SEO career, your SEO career should not be built upon keyword heavy Google SEO alone. Doing this, utilizing Google SEO and black hat SEO Tips with SEO tools is nothing short of a terrible way to get blacklisted from all useful and relevant search content. So please, learn your SEO basics and SEO techniques at your SEO internship before you go ahead and provide an SEO definition to the world which is rooted in keyword stuffing robotic content.

What I just did there, don’t do that. In the course of 120 words, I used the term “seo” 16 times or a little less than 20%. Don’t do this. Ever. Never. Not only does it make you look like an insufferable jackass to anyone who might stumble upon your awful keyword stuffed content, it also makes Google look at you like an insufferable jackass. We can debate which party thinking your an insufferable jackass is more important but truth be told, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is crafting solid content which lends itself to be shared across all forms of social media.

SEO Content in the Age of Social Media

Social Media Content Web

Social Media Content Web

Although sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube are only a couple of years old, in terms of their evolution, they have forced the hand of content creation experts. Before social media content had to be solidly written yet you could get away with writing for a search engine like Google. This isn’t the case anymore. Due to social media sites, content now has to be interesting, catchy and fully readable. It can no longer be full of nonsense. Thus anyone who follows social media sites, certainly Twitter, understands S.M. is made up of two major factors:

  1. Users who comment on content and random events
  2. Content Creators and Sharers

Both categories are vital to the health of social media however if we could assign weight to the aforementioned, it would be assigned 75% towards content creators and 25% towards the former. Content drives Twitter. Content drives Facebook. Content drives Pinterest. Content drives Linkedin and content drives Youtube. Social Media is content and more importantly social media is founded on sharing. Due to this the content you create and eventually share on Twitter needs to be readable otherwise, no one is going to pass it along. Social media has revolutionized content creation and it has revolutionized content marketing for the better.

SEO Content Marketing and Search Engines

Google Brain Search Algorithm

Google is shaping itself to become more like the human mind

Remember that time when Google slapped the hell out of anyone who was performing black hat SEO tactics? It was called Penguin. Google, like any company worth their salt, is constantly improving upon their products and their flag ship product, the Google search engine algorithm, is no different. With this said, although it is your job to follow the Google blog, Google Web Master tools youtube channel and the blog of Matt Cutts, it is also your job to create content which will keep your readers happy. The bottom line is content nowadays is a mix between what can be shared and what can be picked up by the all knowing Google algorithm. For this reason you need to create your content with both in mind however it should be weighted more towards your reader. At the end of the day Google is constantly improving their search algorithm to be more like the human mind – they are working to search for content and utilize content in the same fashion you or I would. Due to this face it is imperative that you craft content which is in line with where Google is moving to. Your content needs to be in line with the future of search – it needs to be useful, engaging, educational and geared toward the human reader.

The Bottom Line

Whatever you do with your search engine optimization content, the bottom line of this conversation should be crafting content for people, not for Google or search engines. Remember search engines are working to become a digital form of the human mind. You would be unwise to create content which goes against this rapid search evolution in both social media and algorithms.


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