Buying Facebook Likes Is For Morons

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Let me repeat that. Buying Facebook Likes is for morons. Unless you have been living under a rock or chasing after the Curiosity Rover on Mars, you understand for that past few years Facebook has actively been trying to make money – lots of it. In blow back to their horrible market IPO a few months ago, the company has been aggressively pushing advertising services to pages and brands. This advertising has resulted in a targeted SEO advertising algorithm which has littered Facebook with Google Ads style ad’s, the ad likes of your friends and Facebook Update Wall Ad’s. It goes without saying but these ad’s follow you around proving to be annoying as shit. And yet, annoying as they are, these ads due serve a dual purpose –

  1. Creating a space for lead gen/conversions
  2. Proving how useless buying Facebook likes actually are

The Nonsense That Is Buying Facebook Likes

I will say it again: Buying Facebook likes is for morons. Speaking from personal professional experience, buying Facebook likes accomplish one thing and one thing only, throwing money away. Why is this? Well, when you do a little digging into how Facebook likes work, all the relevant stats prove out that 80 % of the likes your brand receive are by people who will never visit or interact with your page again. For any brand conscious marketing professional who is interested in building a community, the last thing you want is a community of followers who do nothing in their power to build your branded community. Buying Facebook likes is the first step to getting such a community.

Moreover, when buying likes, stats bear out that at least 35 – 40 % of bought likes originate from ghost accounts taking place in “like parties”. These “like parties” ghost accounts rack up anywhere from 5,000 – 50,000 page likes and amount to nothing more than, well, fake Facebook likes. It goes without saying but these Facebook likes, while making the innocent onlooker believe your brand is the king of the hill, do nothing for brand conversions at all. Without incoming conversions, building a trusted relied upon community, although looking like it is full of highly engaged followers, your brand proves to be hollow.

With this being said, what is the fix for buying Facebook likes?

Facebook Ad’s, Community Building and Excellent Content

Facebook Ad Offerings

Facebook Ad Offerings

Instead of purchasing Facebook likes companies ans brands should look into purchasing and creating effective Facebook Ad’s. Like Google Ad’s, Facebook ads allow brands to A) Get their name out there, B) Bring eyeballs to their brand solutions and C) possible convert on social media traffic. For the sales team, the latter listing is the best of the bunch however for the marketer, the main benefit of Facebook Ad’s come in the form of both A and B. In conjunction with creating stellar content (blogs, videos, infographics, banners, offers etc.) A & B bring your audience to your brand. Once arrived the content you craft keeps them and if it is good enough, begs consumers to interact and get involved. This involvement eventually creates a self sustaining community – garnering all the likes, comments, posts and shares you could ever want.

So, is buying Facebook likes worth it? No, buying ads and creating a community is worth it. In the end, your sales team will thank you.

If you want to read more about horrible social media practices check out my blog on Twitter followers meaning dick.


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