Do You Utilize Google Plus?

The New Google Plus

The New Google Plus is wider, cleaner and easier to use…

Google Plus. The phrase makes social media managers all around the world cringe with approval. Every time I talk to someone about Google Plus the normal windfall of complaints come pouring out:

  1. Google Plus doesn’t have enough users.
  2. Google Plus is a ghost town for brands.
  3. Google Plus is good but it doesn’t drive conversions like Pinterest or Facebook.
  4. Google Plus is just another social media network over extending the portfolio of social media spaces I have to manage.
  5. Google Plus? Really? I’ll stay with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. Maybe also, Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon.

It’s true. a lot of people hate, absolutely and completely hate Google Plus. However the truth is Google +, GPlus, G + (whatever the hell you want to call it) isn’t going away. Here’s why.

Google Plus Fresh Layout

Google Plus Fresh Layout

  1. Google + just redesigned their interface – As noted in the picture to the left, the minds over at the social media side of Google just redesigned their entire interface. From a new prettier wall, to a new center justified content/post addition box to the new auto hide left justified Google Plus navigation menu, G+ is fully redesigned. Point in case, Google is actively working to make their interface more customer friendly and more streamlined. The social media minds of Google are doing the work to make Google Plus more fun to use.
  2. Google Product Integration – From Google Author Rank to brand placement on company webpages to link juice flowing from G+ to internal website pages, Google is leveraging it’s entire product line to make Google + as powerful a social media tool as possible. They understand by tying together their core offerings, users will have no other choice but to fully utilize all Google offerings – Google Plus included. A side note of this is Google + and SEO. Google + is actively and openly making the case that without G+, a websites SEO capabilities will not be as strong as they can do. Now we all know social media has a hard time drawing link juice and pumping up SEO rankings however if Google is putting effort behind making this happen, it would be smart to listen to them.
  3. Google Plus Communities are, by and large, the best social media group section on the market – Yeah, I said it. Google +
    Google Plus Communities

    Google Plus Communities

    has the best community section of any major social media on the market. From the way communities are set up, to the interactions they bring about, the G Plus communities are the best on social media. Forget Facebook Pages (which we all know deep down inside, in places we don’t talk about, suck), Google Plus communities have a loyal following and almost rabid interactions. The most important feature about G plus communities are how active users are in the community. Even though Google + doesn’t have the largest user base, for those that use it, they use it extensively and very often.
  4. Search, Search, Search – Search is Google. Google is search. The main reason why Google Now kicks the hell out of Apple’s Siri, is because Apple is a hardware company with software tendencies. Google, on the other hand, is a search based software company with hardware tendencies. This is to say, Google has the corner on search – text based search, image based search, video based search and yes, a growing social based search. Google + isn’t going anywhere because Google is increasingly incorporating it into their search algorithms and results. Just like Google Images is the go to place to find photos you are looking for, soon enough Google + is going to be to the go to place you visit to find your social search criteria.
  5. It’s Google – This doesn’t have to be stated in long winded terms. Google Plus isn’t going anywhere because it is run by Google. Google isn’t going anywhere – with their recent Panda 2.0 update and their continued dominance of the search market, Google isn’t going anywhere. Thus, Google + is here to stay.

With this said, I am going to go explore the new Google + some more. Hopefully, someone will be able to tell me why +Facebook results in “+*****”. War? I think so. Lookout Facebook, Google + is making a run for your social media dominance.


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