Faster! Must go Faster!

I love cars. I love everything about cars. I love the way they look. I love the way they feel. I love being sucked back to a seat through the pit of my stomach and the seat of my balls. I love taking a corner ten mph’s too fast and screaming my heart through my chest when breaking 100 feet too late. Cars make me feel good. They make me feel alive. And yet, the copy most cars employ is either, a) not enough b) way too much or c) bad. Sadly in a lot of cases the option is normally C. For this reason, today I am going to tackle one of my favorite sports cars – the BMW M3.

The BMW M3 has this slogan, “Race Cars Shouldn’t Be Confined to Race Tracks”. Truth be told, it’s a pretty good slogan however BMW leaves it to that. In this case, some words are needed to flesh out the M3’s persona. I will do that.


If I were the copywriter for the M3, this is what I would write:

Slogan – “Race Cars Shouldn’t Be Confined to a Race Track”.

Product Description – “Raw Power. Refined Drive. Tight Control. Mind Blowing Fun. The M3 is the benchmark for pure luxury racing. It is, as it has always been, the standard for exceeding expectation with exacting precision. Outside the M3 suffers no fools. It looks as fast as it moves and cares less about those who seek to tackle it. Inside, whilst the world rumbles by, your heart is held in your throat – comfortably. The M3 offers you everything you’ll ever need in a sports car – Raw Power. Refined Drive. Tight Control Mind Blowing Fun. At 450 hp, blow the competition away in the  lap of luxury.”

Man o man, I would love an M3.




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